Welcome to my website.

This will be an ongoing collage of photos, paintings, drawings, and sculptures that are pertinent to what I am working on in any particular period.

To start this process, I am selecting a dozen or so photographs of my studio and the interior. This is what my working environment looks like on a day to day basis. As an irregular rule, I paint in brief concentrated segments of time, usually making large numbers of sketches and finished drawings, which include smaller paintings on canvas. The larger canvas works are a much more involved process, and a fruitful time for me would be the completion of 10- 12 larger canvas’ in a year.

As I become more attuned to the medium of this website, I hope to update these pages frequently. A collage approach will best describe what will appear in future documentations. Perhaps I will post a series of images of paintings that were completed in 1979, or 1992. The lyrical nature of the narrative could just as spontaneously show drawings or collages from yesterday…

Like the studio, this website will present an unexpected amalgam of planning and surprise. I hope you enjoy the presentation and visit the site whenever you get the chance.